Sunday, June 13, 2010

:) my new boyfriend/love

So anyways.. this post will NOT be makeup related at all. In fact, it's more of an announcement. I've been keeping it hush hush on my twitter/facebook for a few days, simply because it's one of those things that I don't want to jinx.. since you know.. it was so early in the game.. I mean it still is.. but I feel more comfortable with everything now. Yes I said he. I've actually recently started tweeting about him a lot and officially changed my facebook status. LOLS, because that's just how our generation is now right? Nothing's official until you change your facebook status.

If you break up it doesn't mean anything. But if you change your fb status to single/divorced, it's like.. OMFG earth shattering shit, as if that's IT, there's no more chance of getting back together! hahahahah! Silly I know. But that's just how society is now.

Anyways. I suppose I'll just start at the beginning?

:) His name is Eric. Obviously I won't put his last name down. He's 21, I'm 22. He's never dated someone older and I've never dated someone younger, so it all works out. HAHAHHHA! We met at a mutual friend of a friend's birthday party in Beverly Hills, oh shit. I just realized I haven't uploaded those pictures up yet as well. Damn I'm really bad at updating this blog. Anyways, I'll give you MY point of view on how we met and then HIS point of view, which I know because I asked him. :p

him and his bike

so proud of him! USC grad with honors this year!!

I was originally NOT going to go to the party. I was in my pajamas and ready to SLEEP. My sister kept insisting I go and trying to pressure me into it.. and finally when they were about to leave, I caved and told them to wait a few minutes while I got ready (was not looking my best hahahahaha) so we drove there, we saw some cops parked outside their house and were really close to just turning around and leaving.. but we called the bday boy and he said it was fine. SO.... Walked in the door, said HI to everyone, saw him going over to grab something from the fridge. I don't know why he stood out to me.. it could be because he's 6'1 and everyone else was 5'7-5'11. He disappeared and I didn't think much of it. After meeting and greeting me and my duo of girls went outside to hang out where it was less stuffy. We sat down at a porch round table with some other people, I recognized him as the guy I first saw when I came in. He didn't talk to me at all. LOLS. So after a while I wanted to go to the pool room to play billiards, he followed. My sis asked me if I saw anyone there I thought was hot. I MISHEARD HER and thought she said "do you see anyone who might be interested in you?" so I pointed to Eric and said "he is". mistake. lols. SOOOO... Multiple times my sister tried to play cupid. After a round I left the room, kind of creeped out by him. He persisted in trying to talk to me. Eventually his gentlemanly ways got me to give him my number. I wasn't planning on ever picking up his call.. but a few days later I was forced by my little sister to call him and invite him to go clubbing with us at Opera. Surprisingly he agreed and that was the mark of our first date. I was hesitant because our first encounter had like.. ZERO CHEMISTRY.. but right when I saw him at my door, I got mad butterflies and that was the start of the most explosive chemistry I've ever felt with anyone in my life.

when we first met

He said he was at home in his pajamas ready to sleep as well since his mom was visiting from Asia that week and he was tired from taking her around the city. His roommate kept begging him to go with her for emotional support due to ahem... certain man issues that would be present at the party... he kept refusing but in the end he didn't understand why but he magically changed his mind right when she was about to leave. He was there before I was, so he said he didn't notice me when I first noticed him when he was getting something from the fridge.. but when he was sitting outside with his friends at the porch round table, he was tempted to just leave. Then I came down through the sliding doors with my two friends and ACCORDING TO HIM, he turned to his roommate and said "WOW.. I know what I'm going to be doing the rest of tonight" his roommate was like "wth are you talking about?" and he said "I'm going to try and talk to her... she looks out of my league but it doesn't hurt to try." So.. he did. BUT.. my sister came up to him multiple times trying to play cupid because she's evil like that. He started feeling weirded out about it and was honestly about to NOT talk to me at all just to get back at her for making him uncomfortable. But according to him, the more he tried talking to me, the more he forgot about how weird my sis was being and just wanted to get to know me. At first he thought I'd be a snobby, stuck up, over confident person but was amazed I was so laidback and easy to talk to. THIS IS ALL ACCORDING TO HIM. Almost word for word.


at the club

after our first date.. we spent all of the next day talking, from 7:30Am till the next night. In fact, we spent all 3 days together.. and after that it seemed as if we've known each other all our lives. it's strange, it's weird, it's unbelievable but I'm not being some weird psycho bitch, these are feelings I've kept inside that HE confirmed by voicing them out. After only knowing each other for 11 days.. he asked me to be his girlfriend. He had an amazing date planned out the day he asked me.. and he almost didn't ask me (he was scared I'd think we were moving too fast or that he'd scare me away) so I said YES on JUNE FIRST. LOLS!! Easiest date to remember~

at JJ Lin concert at AHMAP

We've only been dating.. umm.. 24 days today, and only official 13 days.. but he says I know more about him than his parents and when we're together, everything is so natural. Our conversations never trail off to silence, the topics never seem forced, our connection is just so smooth and alive. I was scared this would just be a small infatuation that will die after the first month or after he asks me to be his girlfriend.. and it really could still be that.. but judging by how things are going, this spark is waterproof. It's almost like.. every day we see each other our connection grows and grows, the intensity very constant.

I've NEVER felt this way before. EVER. It's like.. from those stories you read about people finding THE ONE and just knowing? Yea.. like that. We just.. know. As crazy as that sounds.

hahaha I sound like a cheesy idjit in love I suppose? That's not a bad thing. :) I'm just simply happy. Contentedly happy. Elated happy. The type of happy you can't just wipe away with little effort. The questionable happiness that comes with new relations that you think will die once the newness of it all fades, but doesn't, and your stuck thinking you're in a dream type of happiness. Yea, that.


Saturday, June 12, 2010


:) How's it going everyone??

I'm finally done with finals! LOLS! Day of my last final, I zipped over to the airport and flew off to Tokyo, Japan! Yes, again. I was there last year during the summer as well but I think everyone should indulge in a nice trip somewhere at least once a year! We ate, shopped, walked, etc etc, then jumped on a flight to Taiwan today and here I am now! Taipei, Taiwan to be exact, I'll be here for 3 days, then off to Taitung, Taiwan for 2, then back to Taipei for another 3!

I know I know, I promised a post about the new man in my life but that'll have to wait! I'm using the internet in my mom's hotel room, the one in me and my sister's room is currently being worked on (our suite used to be 2 individual rooms so they're rerouting the connection)!


obviously I haven't uploaded the pictures from my camera yet so I'm only trying to give you guys a small taste! Better with some images than none right right? :)

We're staying at the AMBASSADOR here in Taipei, gorgeous on the outside, so modern and glam on the inside! Best of all, the stay here is free. The owner of this resort is a close friend of my dad's, in fact, he was constantly calling to ask us to come over to Taiwan just to look at his new hotel. I haven't been back here in SIX YEARS. So many things have changed, very much of it is an improvement!

I will definitely talk about my fiance soon. Oh yes. Fiance. HAHAHAH well.. indirect proposal, he says he owes me a ring but at least we got the "will she say yes? no? maybe? fuck!" out of the way. :p I'm holding off on that post because it'll be a LONG one. Filled with pictures from when we first met up to now.

See you babes soon!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

my DG boyfriend

:) I'm working on a post of my new boyfriend (how we met, pics so far, his history, etc etc etc) just so you girls can get an insight as to how my love life is developing lately.

I'm actually VERY excited to share him with you girls!! This seems so different compared to all the men I've dated in the past.. I mean.. there was my first love.. then my love of 3.5 years. All real love, that much I can attest to, but with him, it's a different type of feeling. I could never imagine myself marrying any of my old boyfriends/guys I've dated even though they've always told me they could see a future with me, but with him, I really CAN see a future. I CAN see a wedding and a family. This clearly.. CLEARLY excites me because I've never felt anything like this before!!

Our chemistry is amazing, almost everything we say, do, think, etc completely FITS. Our sense of humor, our arrogant sarcastic sense of humor actually, our intelligence (the way he researches/learns is the same way/content as I), our food tastes, the way our bodies perfectly fit into each other like puzzle pieces. FORREAL. When I'm not wearing heels, my shoulder goes right under his armpit without raising his shoulder or lowering it, so when he's putting his arm around me, we just slide together! He's the perfect mesh of all the things my parents/friends wanted for me PLUS what I've been looking for, all rolled up into one 6'1 tree trunk who thinks I'm the most amazing person alive and treats me like a princess, not an expensive glass vase on a pedestal.

What does that mean you ask? What my parents/friends look for and what I look for? hahaha you'll see. I suppose my hints would be that he's a gentlemanly romantic rebellious bad boy who's academic achievements clashes with his I don't care rebellious type of attitude. At the same time, he's super sweet romantic and geeky but also smooth suave and yummy. mmmmmmmmm....... this is making me miss him. I'll post a more detailed/picture filled post next time! probably tonight or tomorrow~!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

bday.. blah blah

Dang, I was reading through my recent blogs and realized.. I have not updated (well almost haven't) about ANYTHING new at all since last year... minus the review or dupes.. but even dupes I didn't complete!

Ok so I haven't posted anything about my birthday this past March because.. umm.. I've been lazy!! HAHAHAHAHA!! So.. I have to dedicate a whole other entry to my bday story because shit happened but better things helped heal it.. and so on and so on. Anyways.. if you follow me on twitter and facebook you'll know what I got for my presents! My favorite out of them all?

My PANASONIC LUMIX DMC-LX3, I've been lemming and lemming and lemming and lemming and lemming since like.. fuck I don't know.. since I stumbled onto XiaXue's blog back in 2008, which was when it first came into production. It's absolutely hands down the most perfect point and shoot camera but with SLR quality, which again you'll be well aware of if you follow my twitter. I think I tweeted every month about wanting THAT or the DMC-z5. BUT.. at the time DMC-z5 wouldn't be out will April/May.. and my mother offered to get me a present early. I VERY JOKINGLY mentioned the camera of my daily-use dreams.. and SHE COMPLETELY WITHOUT HESITATION told me to get it and she'll pay. That being said, it's hard to find one that's brand new now, as they're actually very popular among photographers, being a great starter camera in general for anything.

I'll do an official review of THIS and my Canon ISO.. i forget which model I'll look it up later. When I went to Japan last year I got gel things and stuck each individual cherry blossom petal to my camera.. took me almost 40 minutes to finish but in the end I had a gorgeous not-like-yours camera! But.. something had always been off about it.. like.. picturewise it'd be more washed out blue. I tried reseting the settings but that wasn't the problem. I don't even know what was!

Now this camera is my baby. Panasonic is a kicked in the corner brand since many prefer Canon and Sony. Well.. there are it's ups and downs. Panasonic lacks GOOD zoom. Seriously, even the new ones, SUUUUCK. So if you're hoping to use it for far pictures, scenic pictures, concerts, parties.. nope. Get a Canon for that, Canon on the other hand has AMAZING zoom. Options are quite different too.. with Canon they have the isolating colors effect whereas Lumix does not. Canon takes WONDEROUS macro shots.. Lumix.. eh. Not with flash on anyway or near a reflective surface.

That being said, the Lumix is still my baby. I'm still trying to choose a crystal color to completely bling it out. I've drooled and dreamed about this brand/camera for almost 3 years and it's finally mine. I'm saving points on my American Express Gold Card (yes, i have a gold card, ppl usually wonder how since I'm so young) and I'm going to redeem them for something special~ you'll see when I get there! Might take a while though!

my long ass blog name is kind of irritating me. I'm thinking of just creating a different one.. maybe on wordpress instead of here. I don't know. We'll see.

@sarah I've filmed my intro video but completely hated it. I said UMMMM ... LIKE... UHHHHH.. UMMMMM... UMMMMMM.. UMMMMM too much. EFF IT! I'll keep practicing until I get better and more natural. Also need to find a webcam that's good and works with Mac's photobooth and imovie.. or just comes with it's own picture taking/video recording software.

I love how some people pretend to be so into technology by buying the newest this or that, or the most expensive this or that, but in the long run they don't know how to use it pass the basic functions or if something's wrong with it they don't even know where to start looking for the problem. It just makes it look like you're trying too hard to act as if you have money and knowledge.

It's 6:30AM.. I've been up since yesterday 8:30AM.. yup.. haven't slept except a nap i took yesterday from 5pm-6:30pm. LOLS

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Quick Blurb:
Well I was hunting for makeup wipes when I noticed these little tubes next to the regular Mandom makeup removers. I picked one up and it said Mandom makeup off facewash. I hate those, I'd rather take it all off and THEN was my face, not at the same time. Then I picked up the second one which was what I bought on a whim, seeing as it says EYE makeup remover, I figured if it's as good as it's regular face makeup remover, then it's golden, since the only problem I've had with Mandom is that it sometimes doesn't always take off my super waterproof liners. Well.. needless to say, this is my new HG. AND I'm first to blog about it! Out of all the bloggers I know that use Mandom, NONE have mentioned this new product!! woot woot! I tweeted a pic/recommendation of it to xPPinkx, ;) so hopefully she'll get up on that!

(on the right, doing this to show you how it compares to face mandom)

$6.70, face is like $10 so I don't think it's that bad.

Mandom Eye Makeup Remover

it's like.. a baby blue, comes out clear. No smell at all really, NOT AT ALL OILY once on your lids!! =O OMG! YAY! FINALLY. lols, there's definitely oil in there as it comes separated and you do have to shake it up to activate it, but you don't feel that nasty residue that most oil based cleansers come with. YICK. Bottle is a twist cap, the type that I LOVE. Love tubes like this where the top twists off in an equal sized cap and the top dispenser reminds me of Nivea's discontinued toner, so it greatly controls the amount of product coming out! FORSURE you'll never waste any!

ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT TO DEATH. Not oily, no smell, no residue, excellent packaging, especially for TRAVELING! perfect size, everything about it is great! It takes off my most waterproof item WITHOUT TO MUCH SCRUBBING. I hate scrubbing, it makes my skin red and will give me wrinkles in the future! Keep in mind, this is only meant to be used on your eyes, I'm not sure how it'll fair on your entire face but I'd assume it's too oily for that. use the regular Mandom Sebum for your face! This is a MUST BUY, I'm not even kidding. I broke my blogging hiatus to just pop in to REVIEW THIS SHIT! :D you know it's great!

- packaging is niiiice
- cheap for the amount
- no smell
- no residue
- not oily
- no alcohol stingy sensation
- quantity controlled dispenser
- perfect for traveling
- perfection

- NONE that I can think of, I'll update more later if I end up getting something bad.. like.. I don't know.. dry skin patches or something but I doubt that'll happen!

:) GO BUY IT BITCHES! and if you go get it and blog about it, :( at least give me SOME credit.. like.. "oh I saw this on Katie's blog so I went out to get it!" :p nobody likes an rave snatcher! BTW I WILL be creating a youtube channel soon. Practicing on not RAMBLING when filming right now. lOLS. If you're interested in being notified when that's up/the url, please leave a comment on this entry and I'll either email you or comment on YOUR blog, I'm not releasing it here as there are people who stalk this that I don't want seeing my channel. :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

riku eating pocky!

:) Hello everyone!

If you don't have me on facebook, then you won't know that my little baby , Riku, has a favorite food! Strawberry Pocky~!

It took me a while but I managed to finally upload a video and throw in some silly editing. I'm not great with videos but I think it's still pretty entertaining :p

So, Riku loves to eat pocky the same way I do, all the way to the plain part and just toss the plain end away. Nobody believed me on facebook so I caught it on film! muahahaha!

So anyway, in regards to my upcoming 12 episodes, which consists of my tips, humorous and serious, I've already planned out what each will be about and how I want it to be... problem is I might have to keep holding off on actually creating them because of.. a lot of conflicting things being thrown in my life right now. SIGH. Anyways..

I've been sick lately, with 1 midterm on fri and one on monday, then a job processing/orientation sometime next week as well. I was supposed to go to jury duty this morning but this and that happened.. so chances are it'll be something I'll worry about again next week or in the next few weeks. OI VEY. I laid down today because I felt nauseous/light headed and ended up KO-ing amazingly for 10 hours! WHAT? YES. LOL.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know what's coming up/going on, briefly and vaguely ;) mustn't ruin any surprises now.

I think since I have so many dupes lined up to show/care/release, I'll condense it into one big blog post OR a video, perhaps as one of the 12 episode series. I am capping my episodes at 12, since I'm not sure if anyone will actually watch or like them, which is unusual since most vid bloggers just keep producing vids. If I manage to get a few subscribers from "season 1", I will come out with a "season 2" HAHAHAHA! Plus it sounds cool. A "Kay-one" and a "Kay-two"... Kay-tu? Kaytu. I'm a pokemon now!

I have some reviews lined up as well, clearly since my last review, I've tried a handful of new products, both makeup-wise and skincare! I will say, look forward to the introduction of a few HG status products, along with some blacklisted GTFO products.

I'm aware my followers might have abandoned me due to my usually long and sporadic hiatus', but I guarantee those who still lurk around here are in for a treat once I begin launching and crossing things off my to-do list.

And now.. without further ad-do, my self edited video of my darling hammie, Riku!

*drum roll please!*


Tuesday, April 20, 2010



I know I said I'd be around more but ehh, shit happens. LOL

I've actually been collecting ideas for a 12 episode "season" of me! Starring, ME! hahahaha! Ok, honestly I'm mad lazy and typing everything is just so tedious! Would rather edit a video!

Now, my all time favorite nude lipgloss is slip among different undertones. Why? Because I'm such a gloss-a-holic that I'm able to have favorites among favorites! A nude on me might not be a nude on you. If you have pink undertones, a nude lippie with pink undertones wouldn't show up quite as well on my lips, as it'd really appear a light pink. SO...

my favorite pink undertone gloss is the oh so milky yummy and gorgeous TURKISH DELIGHT by NARS.
my favorite more peach undertone gloss is the oh so sexy BOY BAIT by MAC.

Lucky I snatched 4 tubes of boy bait when it was first released with Shy Girl ls, paired together they are my ULTIMATE FAVORITE peach nude lip combo.

Now, must give you some info. I'm always on the hunt for turkish delight dupe. ALWAYS. It's so expensive and I go thru a tube so damn fast, why WOULDN'T I look for one?! No, I don't want to buy from blogsales, -_- you can't sanitize glosses and the ones that are new SEEM cheap but add on shipping and paypal fees, you pay JUST as much, if not more! =X HELLS NO! So when I originally bought this dupe, it was for Turkish Delight, which it could ALSO be a dupe for but it's just not the same milky pink tone. I was going to return it when I realized it looked strangely familiar! :D TADAAAAAA dupe of boy bait was born.

Now, I know everyone and their momma's probably seen Hollyannaeree's post/video about finding a dupe for boy bait as well. The color in the video seemed pretty damn convincing so I went out to buy too! Can't hurt as it was under $2. Now, you all know I'm very into dupes, which means I am VERY critical. I go through dupe lists online, picking out what I think really are close to the real item (as I have the resources, and massive collection, to do so) since I find that many who propose the dupes don't have the actual items to compare them to. Keeping that in mind, I also look at this item very harshly. Now, it's not a bad item. I don't really care for the super balmy-waxy feel, which thank goodness is NOT sticky. In the tin it is pretty close to the color of boybait, but when swatched or put on the lips, it actually is a waxy-white pink, which is not at all close to the peach tone of boy bait. Now, the reason I say it could ALSO be considered a dupe for boybait is that it does a good job of toning down pigmented lips with the waxy-white pink hue, which creates the illusion of a shade close to boybait, a nude.

waxy-white pink + pigmented lips = nuded out, naturally near boybait but not (if you get what I mean)

For those who have pink undertones in your lips, this will definitely not turn out to look like boy bait. It'd actually be pretty close to Turkish Delight, but still not that milky sorbet pink, just a waxy-white pink, which isn't bad really, pretty comparable to the other dupes for T.D. that I've seen/tried so far!

Now, onto MY dupe. Costs $5, can be found in MANY locations! Drum roll please?


:p Too bad. I haven't uploaded the pictures yet. Just wanted to give my 2 cents really quick. Next time, or perhaps in my first youtube video!